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I’ve been listening a lot to The Heavy’s The Glorious Dead album. I’m obsessed with the song Be Mine. I love it.

Take all my money
Take all my time
Take all the stars that hang above me
Be mine!

Take all my tears
Covet my eyes
Take what you need
To make you love me
Be mine!


I’m actually not usually the person who will listen to a given song repeatedly. It’s usually like I absorb the music and then I’m good for a while, even if I really liked it, I don’t need to listen to it all the time. This one? It haunted me. I sing it to myself unexpectedly and often. I think about it. I connect it to what I’m reading, or things my friends talk about. I can’t get enough of it.

The Glorious Dead album

After a while I branched out and came to appreciate and then love the entire album. Especially tracks like Same Ol’ and Can’t Play Dead. But yeah, really, the whole thing.

See, I have this weird thing about music. Well, I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but I somehow don’t think its something that a lot of other people commonly find happening. Okay, enough caveats. Here’s thing: The first time I hear a new song- one with lyrics- I hyper focus on the lyrics and it’s not until the second or third time that I can just relax and listen or let it be background. I can’t even fully absorb the melody or instruments or anything until I’ve grasped the words. And if the words can hook me first thing? Then I’m sold. But if I can’t stand the lyrics, I probably won’t be able to look past them to enjoy any of the rest of it. Maybe, but it’ll still bother me.

Intelligent, well written lyrics are dead sexy. I’m just sayin’.

Since becoming so sold on this particular album, I’ve started exploring The Heavy’s other albums. I haven’t listened to enough yet to make an opinion on them yet, maybe I’ll have more to say about them in future. But yeah, The Heavy. Such good stuff.

Previous to discovering The Heavy, I was nurturing a profound love of The Black Keys. I actually got into them courtesy of my friend Katie and a mix she made me which I now cannot for the life of me find. (In fact, Katie’s the one that first mentioned The Heavy to me, too.) I LOVE The Black Keys. Utterly and completely. Since receiving that initial mix, I have purchased almost all of their albums and currently listen to several on repeat. I love having music I can feel that connected to.

I can’t recommend just one song. I love them all. But here’s one anyway…

And thinking of these two bands makes me think of The Raconteurs, who I also love, and Grand Ole Party.

Broken Boy Soldier by The Raconteurs

Humanimals by Grand Ole Party

None of this music is new, I’m not bringing any revelations here, I’m recording thoughts. Some day I want to be able to look back and pinpoint certain times in my life and know what I was thinking about and feeling and what I found worth paying attention to. Who can tell where any given interest may lead? And if someone happens to read this and gets interested in music they haven’t heard before, well, that’s a good thing. I love it when people broaden the spectrum of my knowledge and introduce me to new things, so maybe here I can return the favor.