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Are you mood driven? I am. Sometimes I feel as though I have to get just the right color palette together, just the right textures, just the right music or else the day will go horribly wrong. If I don’t feel right, the day won’t go right. 

Tonight, I needed familiar films playing, ones I had seen before, so I didn’t have to pay attention if I got involved in a project, and ones that would set the right tone. They both turned out to be literary and had subtle, sort of indie soundtracks. The first was “Stranger Than Fiction”. 

ImageI love this movie more and more every time I see it. I love all the character nuances and the earnestness of the protagonist. I love the idea that he is a walking idea, an embodiment of someone’s imaginings, and that he takes on a life of his own only after realizing that; and that is when he really begins to live and impact the world around him. The film is sweet, intelligent, and ironic. This is one of my favorite scenes:


I love all the discussion of literary themes, and the ultimate emphasis on the importance of fiction in life. 

The second movie I watched tonight was “Wonder Boys”. 


Quirky, moody, and academic. I just wanted to haunt some of those places, eavesdropping on literary conversations and intellectual blather. I miss being on a college campus. I have become quite fond of this film. 

I suppose both choices were about different kinds of awakening. Finding out what you really want out of your life, letting go of who you were, and what you thought you understood, and forging a new path. 

If you haven’t seen one or either of these, do so. You may not appreciate them the way I do, but they should be seen.