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A few days ago, I watched the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage. An okay movie, better than I expected it to be, but not great. As I watched I heard a piece of music so beautiful I have to mention it. I had heard its haunting strains before though I still can’t seem to place where. This is where the wonders of the internet come into play. I wanted to hear it again. To buy a copy if possible, but I had no idea what it even was. So, I googled it. Turns out it was Beethoven’s Symphony # 7. I hopped on my little Amazon mp3 app and found Leonard Bernstein conducting the symphony in A major and it was every bit of beauty I was hoping to recapture. I bought it. It was that easy. That’s why I adore technology- the absolute ease of finding out exactly what I want to know. Here’s the YouTube clip of the piece with Charles Latlow conducting.

I love just closing my eyes and letting the music pour over me, filling up my soul with powerful feeling. I wonder if you’ll feel the same when you hear it.