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I’ve been thinking about this blog thing of mine for a long time now, and questions of content and purpose frequently arose. I find I am not always able to do a thing for the thing’s sake alone, but often must have some reason or purpose in doing so, or some thing I wish to accomplish. I have not know what purpose my blog would serve or what I could accomplish (or what I wanted to accomplish) by its existence. But in my long absence from it, I find that I have missed it.
Perhaps a certain amount of experimentation would be beneficial in helping me to see just what kind of a beast I am capable of making this medium into. Timidity and queasy questions of externalised value aside, I know that I love to write and to communicate and any medium that provides that sort of personalized and customizable venue must be explored. (I have to comment as an aside here, that my phone’s keyboard preferred me to say that this type of venue must be exploded. I may have a nemesis in the making :S .)
To sum up, I am keeping this short and making it known that although silent and dormant for a long time, this place is not abandoned. Check back. There will be more to follow.