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So, yesterday I decided to get my eyebrow pierced. I’d been thinking about it for a while, debating the issue internally. Finally, I drove past my shop of choice, Lethal Injection, and went in. I had to wait for a while as there were people ahead of me. I suppose it made me evaluate whether I was really serious about doing it, but I really knew that I wouldn’t back out once I walked in. The owners were very nice, chatting with customers as they waited for friends to get pierced or waited their turn to get their piercings changed. The shop has charm, in it’s industrial way. 🙂

I ended up waiting for a good hour and a half, I think. I was getting tired, but still wanted to go through with it. There was a girl/woman ahead of me who was getting her bellybutton pierced. She was nervous, wondering how much it would hurt. She asked if I just had my ears done. I said yes, adding “and my nose.” She asked if I was nervous. I said something about “it can’t be worse than getting my nose done.” She looked queasy.

She asked a lot of questions of the piercer as she prepped behind the black curtain. When the moment came, the moderately circumspect young woman uttered a colorful swear word and caused the others in the shop to burst out in a stifled fit of giggles. Her two friends laughed as silently as they could while the other shop owner smirked and giggled with glee. One of her friends stated that she had never heard her say that particular word before. Some things are universal.

As I waited, my eyes were continually drawn to one of the patrons who sported a short cropped head of brilliantly purple hair. A bit of the bangs boasted a lavender streak that I couldn’t decide whether it was intentional or not. She had myriad piercings and a variety of unique tattoos. Her facial piercings were intriguing, but I was trying not to stare or be rude.

The piercer had long black hair with streaks of brilliant red and blue/purple. Her tattoos were very colorful and feminine and she had an elfish air. She had been the one to pierce my nose, so I felt confident in her abilities. She is very clean and sanitary in all of her proceedings and very conscientious in her work.

Once I finally was seated on the chair, she chatted pleasantly, making sure that I wasn’t allergic to iodine and prepping her instruments and the metal bits that would soon inhabit my skin. She prepped me and eyeballed the piercing’s placement, then had me check to see if that was what I wanted. She was savvy in making sure that the piercing would follow the lines of my facial structure to compliment the form and create an overall effect. Then I lay back as she closed the pincers on my brow.

She told me to let her know when I was ready. I took a breath and said, “Okay.” She told me to take a deep breath and slowly let it out as she drove the needle through my flesh, pushing it clear. She removed the pincers and pulled the needle through along with the curved stud. Finally, she screwed the remaining end on and mopped up the mess. 🙂

I chose a stud with gems on both ends, a sort of iridescent crystal with lots of colors.

She had warned me that I may get a black eye from the piercing and that it could last between 3 days and 3 weeks. I went for it anyway. My eye didn’t get black or bruise. I had a little swelling, but it mostly went down by the evening. The piercing is a little tender now at times, but mostly I forget it’s even there (until I make an expressive facial gesture or bump it by accident).

I went alone to the shop with only a bit of texting to keep me connected to a friend while I made up my mind and wanted someone to talk to. I’m very happy with the result and I feel like I needed something like that to cheer me up and get me out of my own head.

I wrote more than I intended, but that’s the cathartic nature of the beast.