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Things have been a little ragged lately, but on the whole, I have felt calm and relieved. It pains me to say goodbye to people I’ve worked with over my five years and to know that I was unwanted by my (newest) boss, as an employee. I don’t like her and I don’t care if we’ll never be friends. I’m glad of that, but that kind of singling out and being pushed out of a position I had to work up in and build in the midst of chaos- that hurts. I will really miss all the professors and staff people that helped me and taught me over the years. I know the most important people will find a way to remain in touch. I will miss interacting with many of the students. I will miss being needed and useful in that capacity. But, again, the ones I had the closest connection with will find a way to get in contact with me.

I’m working through a lot of things via text, so bear with me.

Tomorrow is the big annual Employee Retreat, which I will still be attending. It’s like a work day free of the usual responsibilities. I look forward to seeing my friends at the university and chatting with them while I can.

I packed up most of my personal belongings from the office today. I’m leaving some of it so that my last week and a half isn’t utterly dismal.

It’s kind of cathartic, really. I am severing my ties to that place. Relinquishing responsibility and moving on physically and mentally- removing the things that represent my personality and divesting myself of that connection. I will really miss the people I worked closely with and that daily interaction, but there has to be something better in store.