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I was just watching a little True Blood tonight- trying to catch up on the episodes from Season 3 that I’ve missed over the last few weeks. I’ve been reading the Southern Vampire Mystery books since there were only 3 and they were in paperback. I purchased the rest as they came out, but still have to go back and buy a couple of the first books that I read so long ago. I love the book series. I love the intrigue and paranormal twists and the great character development. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect anyone to hale them as Great Literature, but they’re fun. And what’s life without fun?

The series is a guilty pleasure. I love seeing the representation of the characters coming to life. I understand artistic interpretation and I’m very aware how different the series is from the books, but I still think they’re deliciously, devilishly fun. And that Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard– yummmmy.
MmmmmmHe’s my favorite of all Sookie’s love interests. For a while, I was seriously rooting for Quinn, the scrumptious were tiger, but he had too many odd complications and didn’t last long in the plotline. I’m a little worried for Eric’s longevity… Charlaine Harris has painted him oddly weakened with Sookie in the latest book, and I want the real Eric back. I’m afraid of Charlaine’s trajectory with Sookie’s love life and where she plans to leave us (though I hope she doesn’t leave us any time soon).

I’m very intrigued with Franklin- this season’s motley vampire newcomer. He is scruffy and tempestuous. His character is not following the book in the slightest, so he’s very exciting to watch. And James Frain
does him beautifully.

Of course, I cannot help but love Lafayette. Total departure from the books- but worth every screen shot. His sass, his wit, his taste- I just adore him.
Anyway… it’s a lot of fun. The show makes my day, and with the year I’ve been having, I take those ecstatic moments where I can find them.