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I’ve been house and cat sitting for my brother and his family recently. They just left on a 10 day cruise in the caribbean, lucky bastards. No, I’m happy for them, I’m just insanely jealous as well. My brother makes really good money as a copy machine repair man, which i am learning sounds super nerdy to most people. And he is a nerd, but he’s also a veteran, having served in the Marines. So he’s a jarhead copymachine repairman. Hmm… not really sounding better. Anyway, he’s a good looking guy and super smart with electronic, technical stuff. He’s saved me from my computer issues numerous times and I’ve been super grateful.
So anyway, all that to say he makes really good money and his wife doesn’t have to work, so, grr. Grr from me, the poor hardworking shlub of a sister who works two jobs just to get ends to meet, and they don’t really meet too well. I have a college degree, two of them actually, but i work two unrelated jobs in order to get the full time that both deny me. And…it’s not the easiest thing to find work in my field of choice around here. Sure, I could go on and get a higher degree, move to somewhere more promising and all that, but honestly, I like my little city and the natural scenic beauty of my surroundings. And… I don’t wanna. At least not yet.
So… as I was saying, I’m sorta house-sitting, but it’s the cool kind. The kind where I don’t have to be there all the time or even stay the night if I don’t want to, but I can if I do. In fact, I only need to go over every other day to make sure there’s food and water for their two cats. Easy peasy. And here’s the part that’s really awesome. Free, excellent wifi, satellite tv (which I’ve never had), a HUGE widescreen monstrosity of a television mounted on a massive speaker base, aaaaaand a spa. All to me. And my friends. Whenever. Niiiiiiiiice. 🙂
I’ve been spending a little time there, needless to say.
On to what spurred me on to write this little blog… my brother and his family’s little odd idiosyncrasies. They love cats. LOVE. They’ve had quite a number of them over the years. What’s odd about this is their naming choice. They name all of their cats after food. Not just food- Dessert. Usually of some chocolate variety.
I find that odd.
So, I’m watching the current two-cat grouping: Creme and Marble Fudge. I believe they call Creme “Creamy.” Marble Fudge is nicknamed “Marbles.” I suppose as in ‘they’ve lost theirs.’ Creme used to have a brother: Marshmallow. Yep, you guessed it, Marshmallow Creme. Ah, yes. Delightful. *shakes head* I suppose there are far weirder things to have as a foible or idiosyncrasy, but still. This one’s pretty good.
Other cat names from those that have gone before: Cookie, Chocolate Fudge Brownie… I can’t remember any more at the moment. I think there might have been a Fudge Ripple or something, but I’ve blocked it out.
Happily, I’m pretty certain they don’t eat their cats, despite foregone conclusions. So that’s good.
I wish I had the luxury of taking two week vacations and going off to some exotic (heck, I’d settle for average) locale. I wish I didn’t have to pinch and goose every penny that comes my way. I’d be happy if buying the odd book or movie didn’t send me into a guilt vortex because I wasn’t sure where the money to pay the next bill was coming from. It’s stupid. Really. Long hours, crap pay, little recognition, great scads of nitpicking criticism, and massive incompetence or blameshifting. Not F***ing Worth It.
One job I’ve worked at for 3 years and I was just told that I’ve topped out at the highest pay level and won’t be eligible for any more raises. This is not due to me making lots of money. This is due to the company’s own lack of compensation from the county. It sucks. I’m not making bank.
The other job I’ve worked at for 4 years and I’ve had 4 bosses and 4 coworkers. The newest in my line of bosses is driving me crazy with ridiculous meetings and nebulous expectations. I cannot be up front with her. I cannot seem to please her. I cannot avoid her. I haven’t figured out how to deal with her and at this rate, I don’t know how long I’ll last in the job now, whether she pushes me out, or I run screaming into the parking lot and peal out. I don’t know.
So, it’s been a stressful few months.
If I had the money right now, I would get a tattoo. I don’t know if this sounds weird, but it would really make me feel better. Like staking a claim on my own skin, stating: I know who I am and what resides inside of me and that will not be changed by anyone else’s prattling nonsense. *shruggs* Just a thought.
Life has been a battle recently. Thank God for true friends whose sound advice and listening ears help me to remain sane. A margarita now and then can also help. 😉
Until next time, Readers.