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Okay, so Sting was a no-go. I have nothing against him or his musical style, it just wasn’t what I was expecting/hoping for. The two albums I have of his I like because they are unconventional. I like the old-world resonance and sense of nostagic interplay. I was not digging the pop-ballad-Sting. No loss though, I found a friend who was happy to get the cds.

Morcheeba was a definite win. The lead vocalist has a jazz background and her voice is mellow and soothing. Very Swanky. Great for long drives on twisty back roads. 🙂

Sigur Ros is atmospheric and whimsical. A little bizarre, but very interesting.

And… how can you go wrong with Miles Davis and the blues? 🙂

The next albums I buy are going to be Motion Picture Soundtracks/Scores. I love the music from Sherlock Holmes and the bizarre otherworldly sounds from the score for Alice in Wonderland (Disney- Tim Burton). I’m not interested in the Almost Alice cd with the possible exception of the Lobster Quadrille song by Franz Ferdinand. The snippet I found sounded interesting.

I suppose that’s all for now, Poppets.