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I’ve been encouraged to start posting some poetry. That’s a vulnerable thing, but the stretch is good writing experience.

This is written from the Delirium Topic “Black Lace Nemesis.” Delirium Topics originated with a writing group I was a part of with some close friends. We still use Delirium Topics from time to time when we get together and write. They are meant to be used as inspiration, direction, or challenge to aid in writing.

Here’s my response:

Sinister grace of movement, belying the simplest touch
Shadow-dark delicacy of lace enshrouds but reveals too much
Eyes so heavy-lidded, a glance may leave a mark
Lips a bloody counterpart set in a face so stark

The body is a weapon, formidable and sleek
The curving of an eyebrow, the softness of the cheek
A liquid amber tonal chord resonates from the throat
Feet that men have worshipped, jewels from those who dote

Apathy and ennui the cleverest disguise
Beautifully structured turns of phrase to cover up the lies
Temptation in its truest form to challenge and to win
The curvature of spinal chord, the luring scent of skin

Bargain with a demon beneath a moon’s pale light
Desire, need, and desperation doesn’t make it right
Darkness in the tresses, like a shadow in a dream
Despite the elegance of form, we’re never what we seem

November 18, 2009