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I’ve been thinking about what to write next and struggling with the issue of whether I should be forging toward a larger theme or meaning in this blog or whether it’s alright to just write about what I’m thinking as it happens, or as I re-imagine it. I put too much stock in “how things are supposed to be.” I don’t think there’s really any wrong direction to take. Just pick a path and explore. /pep talk

Tonight, I watched a couple more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. I’m on season 4 now. A friend loaned them all to me, bit by bit as he found them after unpacking, and now I’m nearly through with the series. I have to get Season 4.5 from Netflix, though, as he doesn’t have that one.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to like Battlestar Galactica. I didn’t know much about it and I tend toward the more fantastical Sci Fi rather than the mechanical.  I.E. Magic and the supernatural rather than space and robots (although I am a Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. fan). I don’t know. I guess I just thought it would be a bit heavy-handed and dry. The series has had a few slow spots, but for the most, it’s been full of strange plot twists and unexpected reveals. I’ve gotten to care about the characters and I’ve had fun following their development. Gaius Baltar seems to be the character with the most development, change and adjustment in the show. Half the time he just seems out of his mind, but I think that’s a common conception with highly intelligent people. They seems to operate on a separate plane. He’s not my favorite character, but he’s definitely interesting.

The series is a lot like a soap opera set in space. The politics and intricacies of their world and the flaws and failings of humanity in its struggle for survival. Lots of philosophical queries and ethical dilemmas. It’s definitely engrossing. I’ve caught myself cheering out loud when some out-of-the-blue fortuitous moment occurred in the plot. Maybe I get a little too involved in the story.
That’s why I love visual art so much. It’s so easy to become immersed and imagine that you’re really there with them all. And the graphics and effects are really great.

I love movies and shows. Probably too much.
But it really isn’t all I do. 😀

Monday marked the official final day of healing on my nose piercing.  I’ve been wanting to go shopping for new studs with the friend who got pierced the same time I did, but she’s been ill and her nose hasn’t seemed to heal as well. Tonight I stayed a little late at work, with the idea of getting some extra work accomplished. (I wasn’t all that successful. At a certain point, my brain just shuts off and decides it’s had enough of that, thanks ever so much.) I ended up mentioning to the other good work buddy that I was thinking of shopping for nose studs and she said she’d come along.

Long story shortened, I had no trouble removing the orgininal L stud and the new stud went in fine, but I determined that my nose has thicker cartiledge than the average shopper. I tried bending the stud with pliers first, but the bend was too close to the end and I just ended up shoving the bend tip into my nostril interior because it wasn’t long enough to go clear through the hole. So I tried rebending it further up. Still no go.

Giving up, I doctored the now slightly bleeding nostril and reinserted the old stud. Then I decided that I could figure out a way to make it work. I straightened the stud, inserted it, and then attempted to bend it while in my nose. Ouch. It’s not easy. But I think it will hold. The new tiny stud is a star with a gem, which I’ve found to be a bit pokey, but I’ll adjust.

Jewelry can come fraught with its own drama at times.

Sigh. I hate to go to bed. I LOVE sleep. But I hate to give up the night. I’m so much more alert and stimulated at night. Morning comes all to soon with its load of obligations and commitments. Oh well. I can’t hold out much longer before typing a continuous fjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj as my hand rests heavy and motionless on the keyboard and my body slumps in rest and defeat. 🙂

Anyway. Tomorrow/Today is a Friday. That’s a welcome truth. I look forward to sleeping through a Saturday morning and rising to mark my day as it pleases me. Ah the pleasure of week-ends. 🙂