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As I venture out, with this, my first blog post in a new blog site, I’m reminded of all the other new beginnings I’ve had lately. For the first time, I’ve dared to make real friends at work rather than keeping the differing realms of my life at such a distance. I’ve always been a bit stand-offish, not wanting people from school or work to get too close.

Well, university broke the barrier for school, and those friendships will be among the most prized for the rest of my life; but I have still maintained a reluctance to let work friendships become real and tangible.

This last year brought 2 new co-workers at my second job. We 3 just seemed to click immediately. Each one of us feels a true camaraderie for the others. I was still feeling a little uneasy about where this friendship could lead when the President of the University happened to give a talk about “Minding the Gap” and not being afraid to let people close and to get to really build relationships with people in the work place or outside of the usual social circle. It got me thinking and changed my perceptions. I learned to let people in.

I’m not a cold person, but I’m cautious. I have a bit of natural cynicism which comes part-and-parcel with being an English Major by vocation. I’m a little older and wiser, and a bit more jaded. I’m not a fool and I won’t let people near until they’ve proven themselves. I have a great many acquaintances, but only a few true friends. Still, things have changed and it’s a new awakening for me, a paradigm shift for the little category boxes I perceive people in. It’s refreshing.

My first job, my morning job, is at the university I graduated from, working in their grad school- the seminary. I have  a new boss- again (this makes 4)- and it has been another instance of new beginnings, change, adjustment, flexibility, and such. So far, it’s been good. I’m learning to be comfortable with change, though it isn’t easy for me still. I tend to think of change in a negative way, in fact I was struck the other when I heard a coworker say “Change is always good.” It was an off hand comment, not directed at me or anything I had been thinking, and it caught me by surprise. Always? It’s “always good?” Obviously the absolute “always” carries it’s own flaws, but to realize that others perceive change as a consistently good thing- it made me think. I think a lot. 🙂

So anyway… here’s to another new beginning. May these seemingly disjointed thoughts prove revelatory.